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Wondering what the future of e-bikes looks like?

New Atlas - Here's another new full-suspension dynamo..

MTBR - The Fezzari requires a double take.  Yes, it's electric!

New Atlas - Wanna hall ass?  Check out the Scout Pro.

New Atlas - A juiced up e-bike at soda prices.

New Atlas - Would you believe full-suspension carbon for under $1k?

MTBR - It's time to get excited about crank drive full-suspension with Pivot.

Pinkbike - The superfly Rocky Mountain crank drive pedal assist.

Continental - 48V internal gearing crank, belt drive.  Seriously??

Digital Trends - Turbo Vado getting 80 miles per charge?

MTBR - They have mountains in Switzerland and build bikes for them.

New Atlas - Graphene making the impossible battery.

Gear Junkie - Specialized FSR cruises Oregon Coast.

New Atlas - Cat's outta the bag with Fuel Cell tech.

Digital Trends - Full suspension electric grocery getter.

New Atlas - GeoOrbital offers up a unique DIY kit.

New Atlas - Yep, now there's a folding fat bike with hub motor.

Gizmodo - Wanna go stealth electric?

New Atlas - Were we surprised when BMW jumped in the game?

Wards Auto - Did you know Hyundai's fuel cell is in the top ten?

New Atlas - Someone's gonna put this rotary engine on a bike.

Time Warner -  Austin offers e-bike fleet incentives to combat heineous traffic.

MTBR - As they say, good art (Paul Bunyan) is always relevant.  There will always be those who resist change for the better just because they are not familiar with it.

Gizmag - Retro simplicity at a price.

Gizmag - Shimano heating things up with new crank drive.

The Verge - Will it keep the wheels spinning?

Gizmag - Could it be a silent Harley?  Thank you!

Globe and Mail - Beat the rain and cold in this one...

Outside - There are much less expensive car replacements than the Stormer.

Gizmag - Looks like an ideal freeride motor if you've got a beefy bashguard.

Tech.Mic - Get ready for the revolution!  Hydro power.

CNet - E-bike boom goes mainstream.

Gizmag - Here's one spicy taco...Bultaco at 2000 watts.

Bike Europe - Shimano taking strides with the Steps drive.

Gizmag - I'd be hard pressed to choose electric if they popped one of these on a bike.

Bicycle Retailer - Currie teams with Yuba for a sweet cargo ride.

Yahoo - Buyer beware of Storm crowd funding.

Bike Europe - There's more than one Lebowski!

Gizmag - E-bike aficionados will try to wrap their mind around the power here.

Auto Evolution - Anyone remember Bultaco?  Electric dirt machine...

Outside - E-bikes have gone mainstream, but not maintrail.

Gizmag - Expect to see this bike size rotary engine pass you soon.

NPR - E-bikes roll into more US garages and a new demographic.

Gizmag - Motoped has bridged the gap between mountain bike and dirtbike.

Gizmag - Scoot over tablet, I'm gonna squeeze my bike in this backpack!

NY Daily News - Where else but NY would outlaw electric bikes??  Last we heard, it was still legal to breathe there.

Gizmag - Hero combines diesel and electric in this amazing ride.

Gizmag - Kia now offering two new e-bikes.

Energywire -  Will regular bikers roll with power?

Treehugger - The US welcomes the Bosch mid-drive.

Gizmag - Will ==@ @ 8>=@=>Enduro Mag - Haibike wins gold award for "Game Changer for 2014"

Gizmag - Caterham takes formula 1 tech here...

Road CC - Could Shimano's mid-drive indicate e-bikes' global arrival?

Gizmag - Crank powered mountain bike kit in Austria.

Engadget - Faster than a moped, quieter than a speeding donkey.

Gizmag - Single speed e-bike that kills hills.

AllCell - Check out the new Lithium pack with downtube mount.

Gizmag - Lithium Air packs with 3x the energy density??

Gizmag - Finally a Fuel Cell bike!

LA Times - Would you believe LA drivers are trading in their Beamers?

Gizmag - Flax machine more brown than green, but way cool.

Treehugger - E-bikes heading for mainstream.

New Economy - Revving the Zero.

Green Car Reports - More e-bikes in Europe than cars?

EV World - Captain Kirk traded the Enterprise for an e-bike.

Raw Story - Better off biking in Italy.

Bike Europe - Dreams still come true in Europe- Bike Freeway!

Gizmag - Can we eat this Lithium battery pack?

TG Daily - Face it, Europe is ahead of the curve with fuel cells. - German Haibike gearing up for USA.

Engadget - BMW unveils concept e-motorcycle.

DailyTech - $2,500 U.S. tax credit for electric bikes and motorcycles.

Wall Street Journal - Their "best" electric bikes.

WikiStrike - Are we aware of the extent of Fukushima's damage?

Gizmag - Smart e-bike expected to hit the streets mid 2012.

Bicycle-Power - Fallbrook's American tech rolling in Europe.

Gizmag - Specialized adopts Bionx tech to claim fastest e-bike.

Design Buzz - KTM's electric dirt bike is stealthy.

Scientific American - "Rivers of e-bikes" in China

Low Carb Economy - Toyota's got game...

Portland Tribune - Portland loves bikes!

League of American Cyclists - How's your city riding?

MarketWatch - NuVinci Harmony pleases judges in Amsterdam.

Wired - Toyota and Yamaha develop bikes to integrate into the "Smart Grid" in collaboration with Microsoft.

Treehugger - Heard of the East Coast Greenway?

Electric Vehicles Research - More promising tech for in-wheel motors.

Electric Vehicles Research - Stanford researchers have found a nanoparticle that enables 40,000 charges.

Bike Europe - SRAM launches high end DIY kit.

Gizmag - Looking for an e-bike with automatic shifting?

EV World - Is Ford next on the list of major manufacturers jumping on the e-bike bandwagon? - Get the inside scoop on A123 batteries.

Bicycle Retailer - Allcell's packs are riding bikes!

ReVolt - "Charge 'er up!" where a charge is as fast as filling a tank.

MTBR - Review of the Ohm hub motor bike.

Electric Vehicles Research - Australian scientist introduces platinum alternative to drastically reduce fuel cell cost.

Wired - Look out!  Balanced and efficient by the likes of Bosch and Fallbrook.

Extra Energy - E-bike challenge in Berlin.

Outside Online - Rage against your machine!

Ecofriend - In Europe, the E-Rider and KTM Freeride are turning heads.

New York Times - E-bike tsunami started in China.

Wired - Shimano STEPS into the fray with hub motor kit.

Treehugger - Old people on bikes?  Can do.

Tech Crunch - The German e-Rockit is just short of flying.

A123 - New plant in Michigan expands production of lithium batteries.

IDTechEx - Future of Electric Vehicles awards coming to San Jose.

Bike Europe - U.S. manufacturers throw some voltage at Eurobike. 

Daily Tech - NOAA report confirms global warming.

Energy Harvesting Journal - Introducing the supercapattery, which combines the benefits of a supercapacitor and a battery.

Mother Nature Network - Google goes green with bike lanes in maps.

Electric Vehicles Research - Tesla rattles electrons on Wall Street.

Physorg - A couple more big names enter the fray: Honda and Toshiba

Automobile Mag - BMW's new C1 is electric!

EV World - E-bike acceptance is surging.

Bicycle Retailer - Cannondale and Bosch team up for e-superbike.

Physorg - Panasonic introduces high energy lithium.

The College Driver - The Terminator is going green in Cali.

Bike Europe - Get ready for the new wave of e-bikes.

Walrus - Utopia, or just Germany?

Science Alert - A new poke at fusion has promise.

Green Living Ideas - How long commutes are making people unhappy.

Bike Radar - Sanyo's solar e-bike station in Tokyo.

Montreal Gazette - Happy bikers in China squeeze through traffic.

Fallbrook Tech. -  A new bike friendly NuVinci tranny.

Interbike - Electric bikes run amok!

Fortune - Lithium in the mainstream.

Yahoo Green - Tesla still gaining momentum...

Springwise - Cool new bike with unique design.

EV World - The Achilles' heel of e-bikes no more.

EcoWorld - Two wheeled electric establishes itself worldwide.

Engadget - Intel inside battery manufacturing?

Light EV's - Blowing smoke, or burning bright?

Pure Energy Systems - Power to the people...and then some.

CleanTech - EEstor making power waves...

EV World - How to change the world the right way.

CNN Money - Electric power to cover more pavement.

EV World - Story about Schwinn's new line of e-bikes.

Los Angeles Times - Looking to ride a high tech artpiece?

CNN Money - Fuel fiasco is Just another reason to ride. - Oregon is green and so are their motorcycles.

Popular Science - Leonardo the inventor?  DaVinci's transmission comes to life.

Tour of America - Check out the new Yankee tour.

Green Living Ideas -  Smarten up with news from yours truly!

Technology Review - First Dewalt, Now GM for A123.

Washington Post - They might even put wheels on the Eiffel Tower. - Who mixes Oil and Rice?

Extra Energy - Testing of lithium and NiMH packs.

Extra Energy - Powered Eurobike comparisons.

Utne Reader - China: Still the Kingdom of Bicycles?

Boston Globe - MIT just can't stop innovating.

Democracy Now - In January, Exxon posted profits of almost $11 billon, which was the highest quarterly profits of any company ever.

Technology Review - Dewalt set to unveil A123's lithium technology.

Renewable Energy Access - Yet another Lithium innovation at MIT

Tour De Sol – E-bikers info for NY event.

Megawatt Motorworks - Exciting news about Subaru's new ride and it's advanced batteries.

Valence Technology - Announces Li-ion batteries for high power applications.

League of American Bicyclists - National bike summit in DC coming in March.

A123 Systems - Claims it's new Li-ion Nanotech-Enabled Batteries Deliver up to 10X Longer Cycle Life, 5X Power Gains and 5-Minute Charge Time.  -  New Bikestation in Long Beach!

Christian Science Monitor - Article about 'Sharrows', or shared-lane pavement markings where bikers share the road with cars.

World Changing - Xtracycle launches 'Bigga Boda' in Kenya.

Fallbrook Technologies - The NuVinci transmission could revolutionize power-assist, if it works. - The UK’s Ultra Motor unveils a bike that will go over 20 miles on a single charge.

Toshiba – Breakthrough in lithium-ion technology.




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One wheel per person in Portland  Joseph Rose - The Oregonian

Credit: Paul Joseph Brown/Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Electric-Assist commuting in the streets of New York

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Bike Broke - Courtesy of  BikeHugge