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E-bike Store - E-Motion just one of many offerings in Portland.

U.S. Retailers West

Electric Cyclery - California retailer sells the Optibike, eGO, BionX and other electric rides.

Wheel World - Online retailer with all the latest in e-bike tech. - A nice selection of Scott, Giant and Felt e-bikes.

ELV Motors - E-bikes include the full-suspension A2B bike in Santa Clara, CA.

Current Moves  - energy efficient electric scooters, bikes and mopeds in San Jose, CA

Del Mar Electric - Offers large line of IZip electrics in CA. - Yes, e-bikes exist in LA, CA.

Electroportal - Sells the chain powered Charger with internal hub gearing in CA Bay Area.

Thunderstruck - Sells electric motorcycles and custom bikes in Sebastopol, CA.

EV Northwest - Sells complete line of crank-powered Giant E-bikes and a wide variety of others in Seattle, WA

E Bike Seattle - Loads of bikes, including euro models.

Seattle Electric Bike - Hub motor bikes featuring the BoinX kit.

Bike n' Hike - Sells Giant's line of e-bikes in OR.

E-BikeStore - Loads of e-bikes, including the A2B full suspension in Portland, OR.

Bend Electric Vehicles - Large variety of some of the sweetest rides in OR

Boise Electric - Full line of crazy Haibikes in ID.

Small Planet - Gas and electric bikes and scooters, including the new Sanyo Eneloop in Fort Collins, CO.

21 Wheels - Features a variety of IZIP bikes in Boulder, CO.

Bike Tech Shop - Top of the line bikes in Flagstaff, AZ

Spooky Tooth Cycles - Gas & Electric powered bikes and DIY kits in Tuscon, AZ.

Electric Rider - distributor and service center for Crystalyte, Phoenix, RoadRunner and Sparrow hub motors in Texas.

Electric Wheel - E- bikes, mopeds and scooters in Houston

Omega - Moped like bicycle with all the trimmings.

US Retailers East

eCo Wheelz Electric Bikes - Features I-Zip, Greenline, X-Treme and DIY kits in Plymouth, MI

Green Pedals - E-bikes, conversion kits and the Zuumer in MD.

Electrik Motion - Currie e-bikes and conversion kits in NY.

Brands Cycle - Sells a large variety of I-Zip bikes in NY.

Nycewheels - All kinds of bikes, batteries and DIY kits.

Greenpath - Brooklyn, NY e-bikes Galore!

A2B Scooters - e-bikes, scooters and more.

Swiss Bicycle - City step through e-bikes with lithium or lead acid option in NH.

E-Motion - Scooter like bikes, including a trike in Hastings, MN.

EV Deals - Offers the Lashout bike and Go Hub DIY kit in Plainville, MA.

My Bike - Full suspension mountain bikes with Li-ion packs on seatpost racks in Boston.

Electric Bicycle Store - Sells just about everything and rents in Miami, FL.

My Outdoor World - Selling electric bikes, mopeds and scooters in FL.

High 5 Scooters - Bikes, Trikes and Scooters including mobility in FL.

Falcon EV - Hub motor e-bikes with the Eonyx LiFePO4 pack in FL.

Largo Scooters - Florida retailer hails the Go-Hub Crystalyte DIY package.

Electric Bike Shop - I-Zip bikes and Gas or Electric DIY kits in Florida.

E-lectric - Offers a variety of Lee Iacocca's E-bike in Florida.

Two Wheels Rule - Sells e-bikes in Florida.


BionX – New goodies from Canada- hub motor bike with NiMH pack.  Dealers all over Canada.

Zoombicycles - Folding electric bikes, scooters and gas engine kits in BC.

Dragon e-bikes - Scooters, folding bikes, mountain with lithium packs.

OHM Cycles - 38 volt lithium battery powering hub motor.

Veloteq - OEM of bikes and scooters developing lithium and NiMH batteries.

Belize Bike - e-bike distributor also sells DIY kits

E-Ride - E-Everything, including hub motors.

Power in Motion - Carries both W.E. and Curry kits in Calgary.

Palcan - Fuel-cell powered e-bike. Available? Dunno.

Mainland Europe

Gocycle - Innovative mini bike all over Europe.

BinBike - Front hub motor euro-style bike from Belgium.

EcoBike- Hub motor bikes from Spain with NiMH or Lithium battery options.

eRockit - Check out this electric motorcycle in Germany.

Estelle - Full suspension German bike employs Hienzmann hub motor with NiMH pack.

Batavus - Euro design with lithium and hub motor.

eZee - Hub motor bikes made in China, sold in Germany.

Flyer - Panasonic drive system with lithium pack in Switzerland.

Gazelle - Chain drive with lithium pack in the Netherlands.

QWIC - Lithium powered step thru bikes and scooters in Amsterdam.

Helkama - Panasonic drive with lithium pack in Finland.

Hercules - NiMH powered Eurobike from Germany.

Cyclurba - Site in French Looks like they sell various e-bikes and Heinzmann kits.

Schachner - Hub motor bike from Austria.

Sparta - Onboard computer with NiMH pack in Netherlands.

Velocity - German hub motor bike with lithium polymer.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Intelligent Energy - Future present with the fuel-cell EVO.

UltraMotor - Full-suspension and 20 to 40 miles on one charge!

50 Cycles - Offers wide range of electric bikes such as Panasonic, Yakkay and the Kalkhoff E-Bike.

Cytronex - The latest in light and fast via Trek.

Infiineum - Lightweight mountain bike featuring lithium and hub motor.

Urbanmover - UK off-road and city electrics.

Maxx - Hub motor bikes with Lithium packs.

Powabyke - UK maker of various electric bikes incorporating a front hub-motor. .

E-bikes Direct - You name it, they got it!

Electric Bike Shed - Sells a variety of commuting, folding and leisure e-bikes..

e-Go - Sells various kits and bikes in UK

Electro-Drive - UK vendor of Currie kits and bikes.

Pedelecs - E-bikes with a UK forum dedicated to electric bike owners.

Asia Manufacturers

Jiabao - Turnkey hub motor bikes with lithium batteries.

Yamaha - Step-thru bikes power cranks.

Wosun - Hub motor bikes with lithium packs.

Xufen - Scooters and bikes for commuters.

Elebike - Sells various hub motor bikes and kits.

Cyclone - Taiwan made electric motor powers chain.


Reef - Many options, including dual-suspension and lithium power.

Y Electric - E-bikes and conversion kits with hub motors and Lithium packs.

Hyena Electric - Features the Hadron 4000W offroad bike.

Edealsbargains - Innovative crank drive DIY kits with LiFePO4 packs.

PowerPed -  Electric Vehicles design and manufacture several e-bikes and kits

EMTB - Sells Crystalite conversion kits and LiFePo4 packs.

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E-BikeKit - Hub motor kits with LiFePo battery pack

Bicycle Engines - Sells motorized bicycle engine kits including Stage III and Grubee 4G.

Kings Motorbikes - Offers 2 and 4 stroke motorized bicycle engine kits and parts.

Rhoades Car - Electric 4-wheelers include the Go Boy for industrial use. - DIY kits, NiMH & lithium packs for electric bikes.

Green Living Ideas - Loads of info on how to become more eco-friendly.

New Belgium Brewery - Can't have bikes without beer!

Zoombicycles - Folding electric bikes, scooters and gas engine kits.

MFG Supply Go Kart Parts - engines, clutches, & more. Also lawn mower & ATV parts.


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Bikes rule in China


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Only Online Electric Bikes - Hub motor e-bikes and conversion kits with Li-Po packs.