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Electric Bicycles - Check Endless Sphere for user reviews.  Wow!  We've seen nothing short of a revolution in the e-bike market since Bicycle-Power's inception at the turn of the century.  It has grown more than the civil rights we have lost in that timespan, so there's your bright spot!  For those seeking cutting edge, look for a mid-drive bike that you can run through the gears.  Also, there are many hub motor bikes that are practical and economical.  Another thing to consider is a system with a throttle or pedal sensor.

Featured Bike


Moar - Full suspension folder with 750W crank drive

United States OEM

Bulls - Full suspension with integrated pack and Bosch crank drive.

Linde - The mini fuel cell puts the wind at your back.

Evelo - Crank drive geared full-suspension with LiPo pack and NuVinci option.

Elby - Battery integrated into frame with Bionx hub motor.

Easy Motion - You can hardly tell the new Neo is electric.

Cyberbike - Featuring a fat tire folder and carbon mountain bike with hub motors.

Focus - Features a niner with Impulse crank drive.

Moar - Full suspension folder with 750W crank drive.

Giant -  All the big dogs are sporting mid-drives.  Hint - that's where it's at for serious bikers.

Trek - You'll find electrics at the top of Trek's Urban/Commuter page.

Cannondale - Offering some practical mid-drives.

Zeitgeist - They'll wonder why you aren't sweating...

Surface 604 - We're talking about tire surface with the Boar fat bike.

Gigabyke - There are pedals, but no sweat!

Daymak - Offers a wide variety of hub motor bikes, including a trike and recumbent.

Juiced - Hub motor bikes with torque sensor.

Energie Cycles - Center mounted lithium packs with rear hub motor and hydraulic disc brakes.

Specialized - The mid-drive is the cutting edge and that's typically where Specialized is.

Raleigh - Now featuring the Shimano crank drive system.

Optibike - Full suspension mountain bike with motorized bottom bracket and NiMH and Lithium battery options.

Felt - Crank drive with a fat tire mountain bike.

A2B Scooters - Offers a variety of electric scooters.

Ariel Rider - Classic style hub motor cruisers.

Leed - Hub motor bikes with frame integrated lithium packs.

BESV - Curvy bikes that are ahead of the curve in design.

Prodeco - USA built li-ion powered ebikes

Pedego - Loads of cruisers and even a tandem e-bike with LiPo packs.

Polaris - The quad maker goes for 2 wheels on titanium.

G-Bike - Sells a unique electrified chopper and electric scooters.

Yuba - Electric cargo bike with hub motor and lithium pack.

Scott - Hopped on the Bosch Bandwagon with center drive.

KTM - Gotta go to the England site to find the vast array of offerings.

F4W - Hub motor bikes with Lithium packs and torque sensor.

Vintage Bikes - Where the old meets the new hub motor.

E-Wheels - Electrified bikes, mopeds and scooters.

Heinzemann - Hub motor pioneer now offering line of e-bikes.

Rhoades Car - Electric 4-wheelers include the Go Boy for industrial use.

Stevens - Mountain and Touring bikes made with Bosch crank drive.

iGo- Features a full-suspension with direct drive, powering the drivetrain and enabling a geared electric.

IZip/Currie - Various electric bikes with motor mounted near rear hub. DIY package uses same concept. 

e-Moto - Cruisers, mountain bikes, folders and more with Panasonic lithium pack.

Greyp - Full suspension, Full power up to 65 kph

Stealth - Full suspension electric dirt bike.

Stormer - Battery pack and LED monitor integrated in frame.

Hebb - Hybrid e-bikes with hub motor and lithium pack.

Heinzmann - Road bikes with Heinzmann hub motor.

EZ Pedaller - Lithium powered hub motor bikes with headlights.

UrbanMover - Features new Panasonic lithium battery pack.

e-Go - Sells a scooter like bike without pedals.

X-Treme - Provides a variety of interesting hybrid creations.

Runabout Cycles - Features the SpinCycle Trike and custom mods.

Largo Scooters - Sells e-bikes with the "Go-Hub" motor kit.

Thunderstruck - Sells the 'Road Runner'- all terrain, all electric dirt bike..

Trikke - Has wheels and is electric, but you don't sit on it..

VeloMini - Very portable little electric.

Ikoo - Cute little fold up machine. 

Zero - Yet another full-suspension wonder out of Santa Cruz.

ElectricVehicleMall - Lithium powered hub motor e-bike and electric scooters.


BionX – New goodies from Canada- hub motor bike with NiMH pack.  Dealers all over Canada.

OHM Cycles - 38 volt lithium battery powering hub motor.

Shadow - Canadian e-bike with wireless controls and lithium pack.

Dragon e-bikes - Scooters, folding bikes, mountain with lithium packs.

Belize Bike - e-bike distributor also sells DIY kits

E-Ride - E-Everything, including hub motors.

Power in Motion - Carries both W.E. and Curry kits in Calgary.

Mainland Europe

Grace - Check the German Grace MX for the marriage of Bosch and NuVinci.

Moustache - French ride that combines Bosch and NuVinci.

Haibike - Future present with this Bosch powered German full suspension.

M55 - Hungarian electric mountain bike that resembles a dirt bike. 

Moskino - Wide range of Italian e-bikes with intelligent pedal assist system.

Benelli - Large range if Italian rides, including niners and 27.5

Wayel - Integrated lithium packs with shaft drive in Italy.

EcoBike- Hub motor bikes from Spain with NiMH or Lithium battery options.

BinBike - Front hub motor euro-style bike from Belgium.

Gocycle - Innovative mini bike all over Europe.

Gruber Assist - Hidden in frame, you'd never know it was an electric bike. 

Electrolyte - Powered by the forks that aren't a fork in Germany.

Centurion - German made with Bosch crank drive.

Raleigh - Large line of Bosch powered bikes in Germany.

Merida - Yet another German bike with the Bosch crank drive.

Kalhoff - Churning out some long range city bikes in Germany.

eRockit - Check out this electric motorcycle in Germany.

Estelle - German bike employs Hienzmann hub motor with NiMH pack.

Batavus - Euro design with lithium and hub motor.

Flyer - Panasonic drive system with lithium pack in Switzerland.

Gazelle - Chain drive with lithium pack in the Netherlands.

Scooterplan - Electric scooters in the Netherlands.

QWIC - Lithium powered step thru bikes and scooters in Amsterdam.

Helkama - Panasonic drive with lithium pack in Finland.

Hercules - NiMH powered Eurobike from Germany.

Velectris - French vendor of  hub motor bikes with Li-ion battery packs.

Cyclurba - Site in French.  Looks like they sell various e-bikes and Heinzmann kits.

Saft - French battery maker now selling e-bikes.

Schachner - Hub motor bike from Austria.

Sparta - Onboard computer with NiMH pack in Netherlands.

Koga - Over 10 models of Dutch hub motor bikes.

Velocity - German hub motor bike with lithium polymer.

United Kingdom and Ireland

UltraMotor - Full-suspension and 20 to 40 miles on one charge!

Oxygen - Won the Electric Bike World Championship in Bristol!

A2B Scooters - Offers a variety of electric scooters.

Cytronex - The latest in light and fast via Trek.

Gocycle - Innovative mini bike all over Europe.

Bronx - Hub motor bikes with LiFePO packs.

Infineum- Lightweight mountain bike featuring lithium and hub motor.

Urbanmover - UK off-road and city electrics.

Sparta - Street hub motor bikes with pack racks.

Wisper - Hub motor bike with up to 74 mile range.

Gepida - Features Yamaha mid drive motor with LiPo center mount.

Maxx - Hub motor bikes with Lithium packs.

Powabyke - UK maker of various electric bikes incorporating a front hub-motor.

Nano-Motor - Small geared, brushless hub motor with mega-torque in UK.

Electric Bike Shed - Sells a variety of commuting, folding and leisure e-bikes..

Electro-Drive - UK vendor of Currie kits and bikes.

50 Cycles - British Commuter bike with NiMH battery.

OSET - Quite possibly too much fun for the kids!

Intelligent Energy - Working with Suzuki on fuel cell motorcycles.

Asia Manufacturers

Fairly Bike - Innovative e-bikes, including a seatpost battery pack.

Lianmei - Fat bikes and crank drives, oh my!

Sobowo - Specializing in high power fat bikes.

Lohas - Fat wheel cruisers for living large on the hub motor.

EZPro - Features an interesting pedelec folding bike.

Jiabao - Turnkey hub motor bikes with lithium batteries.

Hangpai - Turnkey bikes and scooters. .

KangPing - Scooters and bikes for commuters.

Elebike - Sells various hub motor bikes and kits.

Cyclone - Taiwan made electric motor powers chain.


Stealth - Full suspension electric dirt bike.

Only Online Electric Bikes - E-bikes and conversion kits with hub motors and Lithium packs.

SolarBike - Conversion kits and skateboards in Perth.

Gette - Full suspension mid-drive with lipo pack.

Hyena Electric - Features the Hadron 4000W offroad bike.

Edealsbargains - Innovative crank drive DIY kits with LiFePO4 packs.

EMTB - Sells Crystalite conversion kits and LiFePo4 packs.


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E-BikeKit - Hub motor kits with LiFePo battery pack option.

Bicycle Engines - Sells motorized bicycle engine kits including Stage III and Grubee 4G.

Rhoades Car - Electric 4-wheelers include the Go Boy for industrial use.

Kings Motorbikes - Offers 2 and 4 stroke motorized bicycle engine kits and parts.

Batteryspace - DIY kits, NiMH & lithium packs for electric bikes.

New Belgium Brewery - Can't have bikes without beer!

Zoombicycles - Electric bikes and scooters and gas engine kits.

MFG Supply Go Kart Parts - engines, clutches, & more. Also lawn mower & ATV parts.

Small Planet - Gas and electric bikes and scooters, including the new Sanyo Eneloop.




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One wheel per person in Portland 

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