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Moar - Full suspension folder with 750W crank drive

United States OEM

Bulls - Full suspension with integrated pack and Bosch crank drive.

Linde - The mini fuel cell puts the wind at your back.

Evelo - Crank drive geared full-suspension with LiPo pack and NuVinci option.

Elby - Battery integrated into frame with Bionx hub motor.

Easy Motion - You can hardly tell the new Neo is electric.

Cyberbike - Featuring a fat tire folder and carbon mountain bike with hub motors.

Focus - Features a niner with Impulse crank drive.

Moar - Full suspension folder with 750W crank drive.

Trek - You'll find electrics at the top of Trek's Urban/Commuter page.

Zeitgeist - They'll wonder why you aren't sweating...

Surface 604 - We're talking about tire surface with the Boar fat bike.

Gigabyke - There are pedals, but no sweat!

Daymak - Offers a wide variety of hub motor bikes, including a trike and recumbent.

Juiced - Hub motor bikes with torque sensor.

Energie Cycles - Center mounted lithium packs with rear hub motor and hydraulic disc brakes.

Specialized - The Turbo gets it's speed from the Bionx hub motor.

Raleigh - Now featuring the Shimano crank drive system.

Optibike - Full suspension mountain bike with motorized bottom bracket and NiMH and Lithium battery options.

Felt - Crank drive with a fat tire mountain bike.

A2B Scooters - Offers a variety of electric scooters.

Ariel Rider - Classic style hub motor cruisers.

Leed - Hub motor bikes with frame integrated lithium packs.

BESV - Curvy bikes that are ahead of the curve in design.

Prodeco - USA built li-ion powered ebikes

Pedego - Loads of cruisers and even a tandem e-bike with LiPo packs.

Polaris - The quad maker goes for 2 wheels on titanium.

G-Bike - Sells a unique electrified chopper and electric scooters.

Yuba - Electric cargo bike with hub motor and lithium pack.

Scott - Hopped on the Bosch Bandwagon with center drive.

KTM - Gotta go to the England site to find the vast array of offerings.

F4W - Hub motor bikes with Lithium packs and torque sensor.

Vintage Bikes - Where the old meets the new hub motor.

E-Wheels - Electrified bikes, mopeds and scooters.

Heinzemann - Hub motor pioneer now offering line of e-bikes.

Rhoades Car - Electric 4-wheelers include the Go Boy for industrial use.

Stevens - Mountain and Touring bikes made with Bosch crank drive.

iGo- Features a full-suspension with direct drive, powering the drivetrain and enabling a geared electric.

IZip/Currie - Various electric bikes with motor mounted near rear hub. DIY package uses same concept. 

e-Moto - Cruisers, mountain bikes, folders and more with Panasonic lithium pack.

Greyp - Full suspension, Full power up to 65 kph

Stealth - Full suspension electric dirt bike.

Stormer - Battery pack and LED monitor integrated in frame.

Hebb - Hybrid e-bikes with hub motor and lithium pack.

Heinzmann - Road bikes with Heinzmann hub motor.

EZ Pedaller - Lithium powered hub motor bikes with headlights.

UrbanMover - Features new Panasonic lithium battery pack.

e-Go - Sells a scooter like bike without pedals.

X-Treme - Provides a variety of interesting hybrid creations.

Runabout Cycles - Features the SpinCycle Trike and custom mods.

Largo Scooters - Sells e-bikes with the "Go-Hub" motor kit.

Thunderstruck - Sells the 'Road Runner'- all terrain, all electric dirt bike..

Trikke - Has wheels and is electric, but you don't sit on it..

VeloMini - Very portable little electric.

Ikoo - Cute little fold up machine. 

Zero - Yet another full-suspension wonder out of Santa Cruz.

ElectricVehicleMall - Lithium powered hub motor e-bike and electric scooters.


BionX – New goodies from Canada- hub motor bike with NiMH pack.  Dealers all over Canada.

OHM Cycles - 38 volt lithium battery powering hub motor.

Shadow - Canadian e-bike with wireless controls and lithium pack.

Dragon e-bikes - Scooters, folding bikes, mountain with lithium packs.

Belize Bike - e-bike distributor also sells DIY kits

E-Ride - E-Everything, including hub motors.

Power in Motion - Carries both W.E. and Curry kits in Calgary.

Mainland Europe

Grace - Check the German Grace MX for the marriage of Bosch and NuVinci.

Moustache - French ride that combines Bosch and NuVinci.

Haibike - Future present with this Bosch powered German full suspension.

M55 - Hungarian electric mountain bike that resembles a dirt bike. 

Moskino - Wide range of Italian e-bikes with intelligent pedal assist system.

Benelli - Large range if Italian rides, including niners and 27.5

Wayel - Integrated lithium packs with shaft drive in Italy.

EcoBike- Hub motor bikes from Spain with NiMH or Lithium battery options.

BinBike - Front hub motor euro-style bike from Belgium.

Gocycle - Innovative mini bike all over Europe.

Gruber Assist - Hidden in frame, you'd never know it was an electric bike. 

Electrolyte - Powered by the forks that aren't a fork in Germany.

Centurion - German made with Bosch crank drive.

Raleigh - Large line of Bosch powered bikes in Germany.

Merida - Yet another German bike with the Bosch crank drive.

Kalhoff - Churning out some long range city bikes in Germany.

eRockit - Check out this electric motorcycle in Germany.

Estelle - German bike employs Hienzmann hub motor with NiMH pack.

Batavus - Euro design with lithium and hub motor.

Flyer - Panasonic drive system with lithium pack in Switzerland.

Gazelle - Chain drive with lithium pack in the Netherlands.

Scooterplan - Electric scooters in the Netherlands.

QWIC - Lithium powered step thru bikes and scooters in Amsterdam.

Helkama - Panasonic drive with lithium pack in Finland.

Hercules - NiMH powered Eurobike from Germany.

Velectris - French vendor of  hub motor bikes with Li-ion battery packs.

Cyclurba - Site in French.  Looks like they sell various e-bikes and Heinzmann kits.

Saft - French battery maker now selling e-bikes.

Schachner - Hub motor bike from Austria.

Sparta - Onboard computer with NiMH pack in Netherlands.

Koga - Over 10 models of Dutch hub motor bikes.

Velocity - German hub motor bike with lithium polymer.

United Kingdom and Ireland

UltraMotor - Full-suspension and 20 to 40 miles on one charge!

Oxygen - Won the Electric Bike World Championship in Bristol!

A2B Scooters - Offers a variety of electric scooters.

Cytronex - The latest in light and fast via Trek.

Gocycle - Innovative mini bike all over Europe.

Bronx - Hub motor bikes with LiFePO packs.

Infineum- Lightweight mountain bike featuring lithium and hub motor.

Urbanmover - UK off-road and city electrics.

Sparta - Street hub motor bikes with pack racks.

Wisper - Hub motor bike with up to 74 mile range.

Gepida - Features Yamaha mid drive motor with LiPo center mount.

Maxx - Hub motor bikes with Lithium packs.

Powabyke - UK maker of various electric bikes incorporating a front hub-motor.

Nano-Motor - Small geared, brushless hub motor with mega-torque in UK.

Electric Bike Shed - Sells a variety of commuting, folding and leisure e-bikes..

Electro-Drive - UK vendor of Currie kits and bikes.

50 Cycles - British Commuter bike with NiMH battery.

OSET - Quite possibly too much fun for the kids!

Intelligent Energy - Working with Suzuki on fuel cell motorcycles.

Asia Manufacturers

Fairly Bike - Innovative e-bikes, including a seatpost battery pack.

Lianmei - Fat bikes and crank drives, oh my!

Sobowo - Specializing in high power fat bikes.

Lohas - Fat wheel cruisers for living large on the hub motor.

EZPro - Features an interesting pedelec folding bike.

Jiabao - Turnkey hub motor bikes with lithium batteries.

Hangpai - Turnkey bikes and scooters. .

KangPing - Scooters and bikes for commuters.

Elebike - Sells various hub motor bikes and kits.

Cyclone - Taiwan made electric motor powers chain.


Stealth - Full suspension electric dirt bike.

Only Online Electric Bikes - E-bikes and conversion kits with hub motors and Lithium packs.

SolarBike - Conversion kits and skateboards in Perth.

Gette - Full suspension mid-drive with lipo pack.

Hyena Electric - Features the Hadron 4000W offroad bike.

Edealsbargains - Innovative crank drive DIY kits with LiFePO4 packs.

EMTB - Sells Crystalite conversion kits and LiFePo4 packs.


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E-BikeKit - Hub motor kits with LiFePo battery pack option.

Bicycle Engines - Sells motorized bicycle engine kits including Stage III and Grubee 4G.

Rhoades Car - Electric 4-wheelers include the Go Boy for industrial use.

Kings Motorbikes - Offers 2 and 4 stroke motorized bicycle engine kits and parts.

Batteryspace - DIY kits, NiMH & lithium packs for electric bikes.

New Belgium Brewery - Can't have bikes without beer!

Zoombicycles - Electric bikes and scooters and gas engine kits.

MFG Supply Go Kart Parts - engines, clutches, & more. Also lawn mower & ATV parts.

Small Planet - Gas and electric bikes and scooters, including the new Sanyo Eneloop.




Electric-Assist commuting in the streets of New York


Paul Joseph Brown/Seattle Post-Intelligencer


One wheel per person in Portland 

Late for work, needing power.

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Only Online Electric Bikes - Hub motor e-bikes and conversion kits with Li-Po packs