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DIY Kits 

Do-It-Yourself kits come in electric and gas configurations enabling bicyclists to power existing bkes.  For reviews, check Endless Sphere for electric or for gas.

Interbike Interview of Gary Fisher!

Featured Kit

The E-BikeKit™ Complete Electric Bike Conversion System from empowers you to easily convert your own conventional bike into a battery-powered electric bicycle.

United States Electric Kits

Amped Bikes - 500 watt front and rear wheel hub motor kits.

E-BikeKit - Hub motor kits with LiFePo battery pack option.

Ezee - Provides bikes, trikes and kits internationally.

Spooky Tooth Cycles - Gas & Electric powered bikes and DIY kits in AZ.

Hybrid Energy - Hub motor kit features Panasonic pack on custom rack.

E+ Motors - Kit includes 2 wheels- one hub motor and one battery hub.

Lashop - Up to 1000 watt hub motors.

Falcon EV - Hub motor e-bikes and lithium batteries.

Clean Republic - Quick install kits with lightweight lithium pack.

Pegasus Power - Three hub motor kits in CA.

GoCarLite - Amped Bikes Hub motor kits and LiFePO packs in CA.

Largo Scooters - Sells turnkey version of Crystalyte hub motor in NY.

Cycle 9 - Kits include Bionx and Ezee in NC

Rabbit Tool - Electric hub motors with NiMH packs and a Sanyo partnership.

Wilderness Energy - Turnkey Chinese hub motor kit sometimes sold on E-bay.

eCo Wheelz Electric Bikes - Features I-Zip, Greenline, X-Treme and DIY kits in Plymouth, MI

Powerpack Motors - Customized motors for Currie mounts.

EV Deals - Offers Go-Hub and Currie kits in Plainville.

Electric Rider - distributor and service center for Crystalyte Phoenix, RoadRunner and Sparrow hub motors in Kansas.

Electric Cyclery - California retailer sells BionX and Tidalforce kit.

Holmes Bikes - Hub motors, controllers and accessories.

Ecospeed - Recumbent chain drive and conversion kits for uprights, trikes, and cargo bikes.

Nycewheels - The hub of hub motors.

United States Gas Kits - Frame mounted, gas powered conversion kits.

Spooky Tooth Cycles - Gas & Electric powered bikes and DIY kits in Arizona.

Piston Bikes - Various engine kits, engine parts and bike parts.

Bikeberry - Inexpensive cruiser/engine DIY combos.

Zoombicycles - Electric bikes and scooters and gas engine kits. - Two and four-stroke kits and cruisers for the mounting.

Island Hopper - Gas and electric DIY friction kits.

Staton, Inc. - Sells gas and electric motors and parts.

Five Flags - Gas powered and Wilderness Energy kits in Florida

Zone 8 Cycling - 40 and 80cc DIY kits.

GoKartParts com - engines, clutches, & more. Also lawn mower & ATV parts.

Grainger - Gearmotors for gearheads!


EV Solutions - Canadian vendor of Crystalyte kits.

BionX – New goodies from Canada- hub motor with NiMH pack.

It’s Electric – Canadian vendor of W.E. Kits and accessories.

JV Bike – Vancouver dealer of Crystalyte, Bionx, and more.

E-Bike Conversions - Selling Crystalyte hub motor kits in Ontario.


Electric Wheel Co.- What's not to love about the Nano conversion on the Bompton with LiPo and a bit of tea!

e-Go - All over Europe with the unique Helio Cycle.

Electro-Drive - UK vendor of Currie kits and bikes.

Velectris - French vendor of advanced hub motor and LiPo packs..

Lohmeyer - A fast chain drive from Germany.


edealsbargains - Aussie electric bikes and lithium batteries.

eLation eBike - Chain drive kit with NiMH powers the cranks.

Hyena Electric - Features the Hadron 4000W offroad bike.

DLM Energy – Crystalyte in Australia and many Lithium packs.


Crystalyte - Front and rear hub-motor bikes and DIY kits from China.

Golden Island Machinery Ltd. - Sells inexpensive hub motors, DIY kits and bikes.

Elebike - Various hub motors, including a geared hub motor.

Cyclone - Electric motor powers chain.


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All Battery - Li-po and NiMH battery packs on sale; free shipping.

Bicycle Engines - Sells motorized bicycle engine kits including Stage III and Grubee 4G.

Spooky Tooth - Gas & Electric powered bikes and DIY kits.

Go Kart Parts .com - engines, clutches, & more. Also lawn mower & ATV parts.

R Martin Limited - Features a crank motor with twice the torque of similar hub motors.

Headway Headquarters - LiFePO4 Customized Headway Battery Packs built to order.  Signalab BMS and more!

Direct Bicycle Parts - offers 100% Low Price Guarantee on Every Item! - DIY kits,  NiMH and Lithium battery packs for electric bikes.

E-BikeKit - Hub motor kits with LiFePo battery pack option.

New Belgium Brewery - Pledge as a bike commuter and win prizes!

Zoombicycles - Electric bikes and scooters and gas engine kits.

Small Planet - Gas and electric bikes and scooters, including the new Sanyo Eneloop.

Green Printing - Green Printing at PsPrint, 100% Recycled Paper & Soy Inks



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