Congrats for finding the holy grail of bike power assist. Your love of bikes has turned the corner uphill, into the wind, and you want those pedals to turn with much greater ease. You don't want to risk it on a moped, sharing the road with cellular phone inhibited drivers, while bikers just seem to fly by you in traffic. So plant a big cushy seat on that bike just to get it ready for Bicycle Power.

This is the definitive internet resource for those seeking information related to powering a bicycle with an electric motor, gas engine or even a hydrogen powered fuel cell battery. You can rest assured that the links provided will take you somewhere meaningful, whether it be a vendor or educator in what was previously a vast wasteland of dead end searches.  Check out the Endless Sphere Forum for a balanced view of electric bikes and DIY conversion kits.  Try for gas powered bikes.   More bike power knowledge, including legalities, can be found at the Yahoo Power-Assist Message Board

Here are some vendors of various power assist bikes or "Do it Yourself" (DIY) add-ons for retrofitting bikes.

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Bicycle Engines - Sells motorized bicycle engine kits including Stage III and Grubee 4G. - DIY kits,  NiMH and Lithium battery packs for electric bikes.

Kings Motorbikes - Offers 2 and 4 stroke motorized bicycle engine kits and parts.

Green Living Ideas - Loads of info on how to become more eco-friendly.

MFG Supply - engines, clutches, & more. Also lawn mower & ATV parts.

Only Online Electric Bikes - Hub motor e-bikes and conversion kits with Li-Po packs.

E-BikeKit - Hub motor kits with LiFePo battery pack